Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tricycle Dismount

So we get little G this tricycle. It is actually more of a scooter. Anyway we throw him on this thing thinking it is the best thing ever for him to learn how to ride. Of course he immediatly hams it up and does this....

Dad, this is how you properly dismount.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm a Cowboy

These were taken at Austin's b-day party, but I couldn't help think of the song by Bon Jovi as I was looking at these....

Sometimes I sleep, sometimes its not for days

And the people I meet always go their separate ways

Sometimes you tell the day, By the bottle that you drink

And times when you're all alone all you do is think

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I'm wanted...Waaaanteeed....dead or alive

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Reunion in KC

From NY we went to visit my other side of the family in Kansas City. Fortunately our camera met us there.
Hey Mom, why is everyone calling this a birdie
Ah hah! I caught my cousin Sarah with my birdie.
A game of volley ball is evidently traditional at the reunion. They said I could be the ball, but I passed on that one.
Oh my, are we related?
These are the good genes in the family. Obviously I got these.
No dad, you did not get the good genes, I did.
We decided to head down to the lake to check out the fishing.
Mom says I can fish next time, but for now I can only be the bait. I passed on that one too.
Soon the paparazzi showed up. Hey check out the matching jerseys
Uhh, those don't match so much. Everyone gets their group photo, but again dad was slacking on the camera duty so this is the only one we have.
Then all the 1st cousins get together. Wow there sure are a lot.
Then all the 2nd cousins get together. Why am I the youngest. Obviously mom and dad are late bloomers.
Then there are 3rd cousins. There sure are a lot of cousins!
After the reunion we went swimming.
I don't think that is how you wear that?
Dad was afraid I would get burned so they lathered me in sun tan lotion. Umm, a bit over done don't you think.
I was NOT happy about that.
What on earth have you done to my hair.
I practiced my kick board with grandma.
Then off to the showers.
Oooooo. This sure was a fun trip.

My Trip to NY

Mom and dad took me to NY to see my family. Of course they forgot to bring the camera, but dad's phone ended working out OK.

We stopped off on our way to Bear Mountain to look at the Hudson River.
Here we are at the bridge we crossed to get to the park.

We then detoured to West Point. Wow, now that is one big truck. What's that funny thing on the front?

Boy travelling is hard work. I had no idea.
We spent another day at the Bronx Zoo. Hey, I know this guy, aren't you from Peru?

Ummm, I don't think this guy is from Peru. I wouldn't want to get to close to him, he looks mean.
HEY! What did I say about getting too close!

Here I am hanging out with my cousins. We had a great time don't forget the camera dad.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gunnar took his first trip to the Barber to get his hair cut. We were excited, yet nervous to see how he would react. Per usual he took it in stride and we had fun.

Little G getting ready for his fist haircut. Here goes the mullet
"This is biggest bib I've ever seen, this must be one heck of a meal"
"Hey! that's my mullet"

Little G looks board while the barber goes to work.
Break time for a snack.
Whoo, clippers.

"Why do I have to look at the ground again"
Finishing him off with a little clip here and there.
Little G with mom after finishing up.
Little G enjoys a treat from the barber after a successful trip

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sledding and other Snow related events

Little G went sledding with his friends Lauren and William. It was his first major outing in the snow, outside of standing in our yard during this winter's blizzard. He finally put that snow outfit to good use. He had a great time and the dads didn't have a bad time either.

"Uh, Dad...what on earth have you gotten me into!"

Look Lauren made a snow man....and it is just big enough for Steve.

Uncle Steve and Little G enjoy the sunshine


Lauren goes on the attack as the snow ball fight commences.

Gunnar hasn't yet mastered the art of the snowball fight as he turns his into a snow cone...."mmmm this is good, needs some salt though"

Uh oh, your in for it now. William has the mother of all snowballs.

Next comes a little sliding hill climb and descent lesson. Lauren masters the descent

Lauren masters the ascent as Gunnar contemplates how to get out of his snow outfit

Little G's first sled ride. Woot!

Dad's help the little ones up the snow bank. Really it's safe...