Saturday, July 19, 2008


In May mom and dad said they were getting sick of the rain so they stuck me in my car seat and 7 hours later we were in a land of sun, sand, and surf....and the rain caught up with us about a day later.

Yes, we finally made our first trip with Gunnar and were fortunate enough to be joined by a couple of our close friends and their kids. It was a bit of a challenge traveling for the first time, but overall the trip was well worth it and a nice get away. We had plenty of sun mixed in with some haze from an errupting volcano on the island and a full on tropical down pour one day.

Steve gave Gunnar a helping hand in his floaty. He is obviously not liking his first dip in the pool. But at least he looks the part.

Chris laughing at us.

Here he is imitating a sunflower. I think he pulls it off quite well

What is it with the kids and the shades. Gunnar and Loren both sporting some cool swim gear and hats.

We spent a day snorkeling. Gunnar doesn't look to sure about the whole thing. The whole gang hung out for the day and the snorkeling was fantastic.

Here we are in the pool and Gunnar just loved hanging with Laytons

Hawaii was a kick.