Monday, December 22, 2008


So this last week or so has been quite the adventure. Gunnar has experienced a lot of firsts. In no specific order, here we go....

My First Snow
On December 20th Seattle experienced our first huge snow storm in 10 years. Gunnar experienced his first snow period.

HEY! What the heck is this get-up and what is all this white stuff...

Ummm....Brrr dad, I'm freezing here....I can't stand....I'm sinking.....

First Steps (On Video)

About the same week Gunnar started walking. Here are his first steps

WooooHooo now you're in trouble...

First Major Fall

About the same time Gunnar experienced his first fall while walking. Fortunately we didn't catch the actual impact on tape, but that was because in a vain effort I tried to catch him before he went head first into the foot stool.

No babies were seriously injured in the making of this video

Friday, December 19, 2008

First Steps

Unfortunately no pictures of the event, but Gunnar took his first steps yesterday (Dec 18th) on his own. I had the day off from work and Chris and I were just enjoying the snow and watching Gunnar play when he pulled himself up on the furniture. Something he has done a million times it seems. Only this time he let go turned around and took about four steps before plopping down. Chris and I were amazed. I guess that is how it happens. Just like that. It took us a second, but then we both started yelling and clapping, which of course scared him. Anyway, off to the next milestone I guess.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa comes to town

OH MY it's Santa....

Whoa! Who is that funny looking guy. Hey it's cold out there, someone should let him in.

Hey, he must have a key! I guess red is in this year.

I like this song. Well hello there, you seem like a nice guy.'re a funny looking guy. What's up with the goofy suit and hat. And what is with that beard

Ahhhhhhh!!! That's it I'm out'a here. MOOOOOOOOM!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

End of October

Finally Halloween came and I had to get back in this silly outfit again. At least I was able to get mom and dad to put on the same makeup. We couldn't find a puppy costume for them to where however.

I can't believe you got me back in this thing for a second time

We ended up at our friends house. I finally was able to get out of that fur outfit and hang out with my buddy Lauren. She was teaching me how to play piano.

Food - Part 2
Man, what is it with my dad and food. Why can't you just feed me like everyone else. How in the heck am I supposed to eat this stuff. What do you call this again....spaghetti.

I guess it tastes ok, but I'm not sure how exactly you expect me to get a hold of this stuff, it is slippery.

Ah yeah, the spoon helps. It gives me something I can actually hold on to and put in my mouth.

For real dad, I'm hungry, can you help me out here. I think I got some in my eye.

Dad finally caved and fed me. Once I get that spaghetti stuff near my grill I'm fine.

Misc Picts
Here are just a few other pictures from October.

Bed time is my favorite. Stories, and some music, a bottle and my comfy footy PJs are all I need.

Hah, this standing thing ain't so hard. Check out my new ride. G-ma got this for me.

Here I am in my full on biker gear. I even have my stocking cap and leather boots. OK, they're actually furry slippers, but they are the closest I have to leather boots. Dad won't let me get leather boots until I'm at least 2

You really should consider getting one of these things. Check out my hood graphics. All the other kids at the park are jealous of me.

Oh yeah, check out my grill, I have teeth now. Here let me flash a big grin for the paparazzi