Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Birthday

Well I just turned 1 and wanted to share some photos from my first Birthday party. The whole family turned out just for me in celebration of my one-ness. I received lots of presents, most of which mom and dad wont let me play with yet and we had a great dinner. I also had my first cake....sort of.

Nice cake mom. I'm thinking you want me to play soccer or something? Call it a hunch.

We opened a bunch of gifts. I'm not sure what this does, but evidently when I turn 18 months I get to play with it.

After presents everyone sang a funny song, and off key I might add. Then mom and dad gave me a cake. Hey this one is smaller than that other one. How come I don't get that one. The then blew out my candle. Evidently I don't get to blow that out until I'm 2. Kind of like the present I guess.

Hey, that ain't too bad. What is that...pure sugar? I like it!

The grandparents got in the act, but I didn't let them get any of my cake.

Hey, I'm feeling a little jittery. Boy this sugar stuff is great!

This cake stuff isn't the neatest in the world. How come I didn't get a fork like everyone else.

I didn't think I could eat the whole thing so I asked my cousins to help out.

More cake ended up on me than in my mouth, but dad said that was OK and that I'd get a fork next year. I guess that is like the present and the candle.

We all went outside to take some pictures.

This is my presidential look. Eat your heart out Obama!

Mom and me snuggle up. Whew! what a birthday. I could do this everyday, why does this just happen once a year?