Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Halloween Party

Are you kidding. I can't believe they are dressing me up in this thing. So evidently Halloween is all about making your loved ones look as silly as possible. I'll remember this when I ask to borrow the car.

Oh sure you'll pose with me, but you won't actually get dressed up yourself.

Can I get a hand here. My spots are falling off. What the heck am I supposed to be anyway. I look like a cross between a cow and a rat. HELP!!!

Oh sure, somehow the dads make this look cool. How come I have a tail that goes to the floor.

Ummm...MOM can you help me out here. This pig has my tail.

Whoa! Photos. I like photos. Hey check me out with all my friends. Somehow I don't feel so silly anymore. Look at that guy dressed up as a chuaua!

Food in action

OK, so there was so much Hubbub about my eating habits that mom and dad made a few videos. Hey! it's not my fault I can't eat yet...If they would just let me practice a bit.

Oops, I spilled.

Here I am trying to tackle my first piece of corn among some other vegetables.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My new toy

My Grandma brought over a new toy for me. It's a manual, as in I have to push it, but since I can't even drive yet I guess that's ok.

Whoa! This is nice. A convertable too.

Shifting in to high gear.

Check out the color scheme. OCC's got nothing on this bad boy.

Dude, this bad boy's got some gittyups.