Monday, April 6, 2009

Sledding and other Snow related events

Little G went sledding with his friends Lauren and William. It was his first major outing in the snow, outside of standing in our yard during this winter's blizzard. He finally put that snow outfit to good use. He had a great time and the dads didn't have a bad time either.

"Uh, Dad...what on earth have you gotten me into!"

Look Lauren made a snow man....and it is just big enough for Steve.

Uncle Steve and Little G enjoy the sunshine


Lauren goes on the attack as the snow ball fight commences.

Gunnar hasn't yet mastered the art of the snowball fight as he turns his into a snow cone...."mmmm this is good, needs some salt though"

Uh oh, your in for it now. William has the mother of all snowballs.

Next comes a little sliding hill climb and descent lesson. Lauren masters the descent

Lauren masters the ascent as Gunnar contemplates how to get out of his snow outfit

Little G's first sled ride. Woot!

Dad's help the little ones up the snow bank. Really it's safe...