Friday, August 29, 2008


Sure go ahead and laugh, but I'm not quite sure how this whole Cheerio thing is supposed to work. Evidently I'm supposed to eat these things. I may starve before getting enough of these in my mouth.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Decatur Island

Last weekend we were invited to my friends cabin on Decatur Island in the San Juans. So William, Loren and I decided to take our parents up there. They were starting to get on our nerves and we felt they could use the break.
"We did a lot of just laying around and hanging out. Mostly on dad."

Chris and Gunnar played on the grass for a long time.

Like all kids LittleG likes to stick everything in his mouth. Even if he can't get it out. He struggles to get the foot of his giraffe out.

LittleG tries to stuff the whole thing in his mouth. Umm, not sure you want to start with that end buddy.
"Hey were did everybody go"

Steve was doing photo gymnastics. I think he sprained his lens on this one.

William and Loren played together quite a bit. William was kind enough to push her in one of the swings.

"Yo, what about me, who is going to push me!"

William comes to the rescue. Although LitteG looks like he is having second thoughts.
The boys and their toys...err I mean kids...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gunnar Learns a new trick - or two

Food tricks
About a month ago my mom and dad thought it would be fun to feed me something else besides milk. Well, I have to admit I didn't take to it all that well. It give me gas and most of it ends up on my shirt anyway. I gave it a shot just to appease them, and this is what happened.

Gunnar fears for his life as we approach him with the concept of eating solid food. He complains that he doesn't even have teeth yet...

Round one, Gunnar takes his first bites, sort of...

End of first round (Tricks one - LittleG zero) - "You mean I have to swallow this stuff too...jeez you guys are picky..."

Sitting tricks
Around the same time, I got a little tired of just laying around all day...literally, so one day I sat up. It was a little scary at first, but soon I was the master of my domain and now I rule with an iron fist, when it isn't in my mouth of course.

Round Two: He starts off a little shaky, but then settles in to his stance...or whatever you call it
End of Round 2 (Tricks 1 - LittleG 1) - That's right, I got this mastered. Just don't try and feed me at the same time.
OK, that's enough for now, I'm tired...Go Away...