Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Christmas Story

So we have this little tradition about reading a Christmas story. This year our niece read a wonderful rendition of the birth of Christ....Then Gunnar thought he would give it a try. I've taken the liberty of translating for those of you who may not speak "Gunnar"...


Gunnar: "...there was Mary and Joseph..."
Dad: "Oh careful with the book, easy with the book, it doesn't go that way"
Gunnar: "...going to Popperville....and they are going to see baby Jesus" (Popperville is from the story "Mike and the Steam Shovel" which subsiquently was the book I believe that prompted him to ask for a digger for Christmas)

turns page

Dad: "Just describe what you see....What do you see"
Gunnar: "A daddy cow....a bull...and baby Jesus, and Mary, and Joseph"
Dad: "Do you see any of the kings and a star"
Gunnar: "I think I missed a page"

turns page

Gunnar: "and they lived in the stable..." (cough...cough........cough) "There was animals"

turns page

Gunnar: "...and there was angels..."

turns page

Gunnar: "...and all of those men followed the star..."

turns page

Gunnar: "...and....THE END"


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